Calories: 3D Cellular Automata Simulation + Visualization for Music

author: Ge Wang
date: 2008 - present
version: 1.0

calories3D is a real-time 2D/3D cellular automata (CA) simulator + visualizer for exploring musical composition and live performance with CA's. Implemented in C++, calories accepts and sends OpenSoundControl (OSC) message (via the oscpack library by Ross Bencina) to communicate with other processes. Incoming OSC messages control the behavior and evolution of the cellular automaton, while outgoing messages are sent to audio synthesis processes. In the current version of calories, example ChucK programs demonstrates both control over and sonification of CA's. The visualizer itself allows the user to interact with, rotate, and move inside CA's in real-time. Together, the control+visualization+audio approach provides three cooperative and yet independent points of control for interactive, potentiall on-the-fly programmed, experimentation of cellular automata for music.

download calories (1.0.4) : what's new?