Technology Transfer


These are some of the audio features in Adobe products that are the result of research projects that I have worked on.

Remix (Audition CC, Premiere Elements 15) - This feature automatically changes the length of a song to a new desired length as shown here.

Sound Remover (Audition CC) - This feature is based on one of our semi-supervised source separation algorithms and can be used to achieve high quality removal of sound sources, as shown here.

Automatic Synchronization of Videos from Multiple Cameras (Premiere Pro CC) - This feature automatically synchronizes videos of events shot from multiple cameras, as shown here. The synchronization is done using only audio and is robust to a fair amount of noise. It does not require time code.

Automatic Speech Alignment (Audition CS6) - This feature  automatically warps and aligns clean overdub recordings to noisy location recordings, as shown here.