Here are my embarrassing stories while staying in the U.S. :-) Some are from cultural difference, some are simply from my stupid nature. Anyway, here we go!

ATM Wants Bill In Envelope

Well, I put a 20 buck bill of mine into an ATM machine, without putting it in an envelope, as we always do in Japan! I still don't know if that deposit was properly processed. [In Japan ATM machines at banks take all kinds of Yen bills as they are, and process them fully automatically]

Failure at Written Test for Drivers' License

I heard the written test was basically straightforward and easier than that in Japan, so I went to the DMV without any preparation. Oh man, what do the colors of curbs mean? Yes, We absolutely need to study before taking the test.
Another point is that we might as well take it in English. Japanese version is horrible: Incorrect translations lead us to wrong answers.

Failure at Driving Test for Drivers' License

Again I heard it was easy for a Japanese driver to pass the driving test in the U.S., so I went to the DMV without preparation. Oh, man. The examiner finally scolded at me for my poor performance and declared an automatic failure! WHAT A SHAME!
Well, I think there are two reasons: one is that basically I'm poor at driving (I'm poor at sports in general), and the other is that the traffic rules are sometimes different between the U.S. and Japan. Anyway, here are the notes picked up from my scoring sheet. Hope this helps (somebody laugh :-)!