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free music fonts

I designed these fonts when I was in college as a part of private project of developping a music score editor for MSX microcomputer. MSX (almost) died, my codes died, but the data survived here, contributed to public.

music data

Dive Into The Sky (Band Arrange, XG)

I composed this piece back in 1983 as a senior high student for "LIGHT WIND", the band I belonged to. I interpreted this piece in the form of the MIDI data in 1995-1996.

March (Brass Band Arrange, GM)

This is the school song of my junior high. I made the MIDI data as a part of my MUS120 project in spring, 1998. I harmonized and orchestrated the song in the form of a brass band, which was a very tough task to me, as I didnot have a good background of those. So, I think the arrangement I made sounds funny, particularly to the composers --- anyway, *HEAR* we go!
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