HW 3: DRIP, an Audio Sequencer


Final Milestone:

DRIP is an audio sequencer that invites users to relax and contemplate the slowness of the sequence. Watch pixelated raindrops fall to the note blocks and light them up on impact. The notes available are based on a chord from a special a cappella song to me titled "cherry" OBP Rina Sawayama which gives users some constraints, but a bit of choice to create disonance and harmony within reason. Enjoy the dance of color and light and sound provided by drip.


Using mouse, click to add raindrops. To remove the raindrops in a column, click the square above the column. Have fun exploring :)



This was painful. I learned a lot but it was costly. I worked really really hard on this and I am maybe 60% satisfied where it ended up. Maybe that's just design? In any case it looks like I wanted it to. It could definitely use some polishing with the flashing as well as with the way that the rhythms reset, but after so many hours debugging I had to respect a deadline (for the most part) and turn what I had in. Design is never finished. Thank you to everyone at the pizza moment (especially celeste) and a plethora of youtube and discord tutorials that assisted me to get to this point.

Milestone Update:


Honestly, I am pretty happy with this milestone for what I was expecting. There is definitely a bunch more to do, but I'm just surprised I got something to work for once. The way that I was coding for like 6 hours with no progress and then to just throw something together in a hail mary attempt to get multiple notes play at once and have it ACTUALLY WORK... wow. I'm sure that the rest of the project is gonna hurt just as bad. But I am happy with where I am for now. I will enjoy one day of bliss.


Lego Sequencer

Mini Metro Sequencer

Rain Sequencer

Ideation & Tutorial Progress Update:

Currently I am feeling a bit stressed about this upcoming project. After doing the tutorial and being a little bit lost at points, I think it’s gonna be even harder than the last one and I certainly have a lot to learn in Unity, C#, and especially ChucK. I am really excited about my ideas so far and realized that when I was younger I used to love playing with a sequencer called Incredibox which I hope to draw some inspiration from by using drag and drop sampling and lots of fun colors to group kinds of sounds together. Visually I am inspired a lot by color (I want the whole rainbow in my project), lego, minimetro, and rain. I found some tutorials on simple sequencers and the drag and drop mechanic that a lot of my projects are most likely going to use so I am looking forward to experimenting with that. Pray for me when it comes to sporking because I have no idea what that’s about.

simple sequencer 1
simple sequencer 2

drag and drop tutorial