This audio visualizer, titled 'suspension' places you in an inbetween space. Not earth, but not quite the endless expanse of space either. Make sound to discover what kind of plane you are suspended in.

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use 'WASD' to move

use arrow keys to change view angle

toggle 'm' to use mouse as view angle controller

toggle 'n' to return to arrow view control

click 'k' to listen to the audio narrative file

have fun :)

Build Specs:

Platform: MacOS

Unity Project: download zip


This project was really hard. But also really rewarding. When making the visuals I wanted to emulate space and really enjoyed letting the code and my design decisions meet in the middle. I ended up steering away from the mesh idea because I ended up really liking how the cubes feel like they fly away like water droplets or stars in space. With chuck I started to try emulating a song that I love, called Corpus Christi, and from there I just let the music and the chords guide me. I had a lot of difficulties with the spectrum history as well as with integrating chuck into my visualizer, but at the end of it all it worked out (although the WEBGL export is giving me some bugs that I imagine are a quick fix). I was able to receive help from Alyssa and Angela in our class, as well as from Julia our fantastic TA. I also made use of some tutorials I will list below:

glow tutorial camera rotation circle spectrum

Tutorial Update:

I finished the tutorials and am feeling like 6/10 on them! It's nice because I feel like my experience with Adobe After Effects and C++ are going to help me out a lot with Unity and Chuck, but I am still getting used to the workflow. So far, I am most confused with some of the more advanced operations in Chuck (and would love to have some time to work with someone on that at some point soon) but other than that I am sure I am going to run into problems and debugging will most surely be annoying (as it always is). Sound Visualizer Ideas: I have some sketches below that I am pretty excited about so far! Not sure if this is the level of detail you are looking for right now (happy to expand if necessary), but here is what I have below! I have laid out some design ideas in brief bullets and labeled some functionality as well.

Visualizer Ideas:

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