Squishy World

Alice Fang


Squishy World is an exploration of creation. We are each created beings, with our heart beat being the primary symbol of our livelihood. Similarly, in this virtual world, the creator (the human interacting with the program) distinctly shapes the heart beat of each creature. There is also the concept of death, also called for by the creator, who can bring and end life as he or she wills.

User Manual

In entering the world, the user faces a screen of darkness. Begin by clapping a rhythm. This becomes the heart beat of your first squishy (a mythical creature, not to be confused with the common jellyfish). Give it a name. Show it some TLC. Once fully formed, the heartbeat of your squishy will sing and it will start to pulsate. Clap another rhythm to create another squishy, and continue to your heart's delight.

Continuing after some time, you may find that you have a forest of squishies, all with their own distinct heart beat. When you feel ready, hush your squishies (say "shhhhhhh"). Once they hear you, they will wiggle to attention, and exit the world.

As your desires suit you, bring and dismiss more squishies into this world by the processes listed above.


Clapped beats are stored in a vector, which is encapsulated with each heart object. Hushes are detected by calculating the average of frequency bins with an fft. Voice oohs, woodblock, whistle, and bird tweet soundfonts are used to create the "forest" sounds effect. Much thank is owed to the MCD api, whichout which squishies would never have been brought into the world.

Source code

Screen shots