Tone: there is a tone to this paper. It is first to clear your head of any thoughts that you may be entertaining along the lines of walking away from this completely agreeing with any of it. It is a point that I make to ask all of you to consider your feelings on all of this information and compare it to the ideas that you hold so that there is an emphasis on the realization of understanding different approaches. I don't believe that we are all on the way to the truth for the same reason and we are not all on different paths to ignore those on a path like or unlike but different than the one that we are currently on. I say currently because the paths change and they do so frequently. The truth is that there may not even be a truth at all and that we are all trying to get to it anyway makes you realize that maybe the quest for the truth is the truth in and of itself. It is the reality of those that seek it. With that in mind, observe this web beginning of the paper documenting the larger truth that I seek in Music 154, this Winter Quarter, 1999.

Thank you,

Gabriel J. Serrano