final project progress and results

The Timbre Recognition and Classification Device

the cshg file, cshg-trec.

the csht file, csht-trec.

the file to run the simulation, n.timbrec.

when i was working with theoriginal plan to use variable length binary (0 and characters) this was the code--------->*

then, the design was changed to using 10 to 50 thousand numbers, created from a program that grabs floats from a .snd or .au file, by ----->print-sound.lispturning them into a list with a setf command, and having a program go through the list and select another list of 400.----->listmake.lisp. next, the list of 400 is changed into list of values between 0 and a, with increments of .1, using the program listgrab.lisp. the spaces between the numbers were removed, and the list was ready to be copied to the learntbs ("learn timbres") file.----->learntbs.

testing of the network:

at 750 cycles specified in the csht-trec file





with-50-hidden-units (notice that the error is decreasing overall, and even changing direction a few times

at 1000 cycles specified in the csht-trec file


with-50-hidden-units (it seems as though using 1000 cycles did not help the learning, and the error even increased to higher than it started.)

other code and files may be found within ~/week4/ and ~/Library/Web/ of my home directory if you would like to browse around.
Gabriel J. Serrano
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