About Me

I am a first-year Masters student at Stanford CCRMA studying Music, Science, and Technology. My research interest is in music cognition, particularly familiarity in music. So far at Stanford, I have become involved with the Music Engagement Research Initiative (MERI) and Takako Fujioka's Neuromusic lab.

I hold a bachelor of science degree from UCLA, where I studied cognitive science and minored in mathematics and musicology. During my time at UCLA, I did memory research with Robert and Elizabeth Bjork in the Bjork Learning and Forgetting Lab and studied Balkan music with Ivan and Tzvetanka Varimezov. I also have experience in software engineering and have interned at AT&T and the startp Pathonomic, Inc. More recently, I have become interested in audio recording and production and am working on several projects in that area.

I also love to sing and arrange music. I am currently performing with Stanford's all-female a cappella group Counterpoint. Previously, I was the musical director of UCLA YOUTHphonics and sang in the UCLA Chorale .


March 2017

Another quarter done! This winter I studied more signal processing, created some computer music using ChucK, and learned to record and produce music in Logic using the CCRMA recording studio. A few of my computer music tracks can be foudn on My SoundCloud. I was also excited to be selected as a recipient of the Stanford Jazz Consortium's McMordie Scholarship and have been studying voice with Margot LeDuc.

December 2017

Happy Holidays! Enjoy Carol of The Bells a holiday song I arranged, recorded, and produced for Stanford Counterpoint.

December 2017

Finished my first quarter at Stanford! Check out my final projects below, including my "A Cappella Ambisonics" piece and a paper on using EEG to study affective priming in music.

September 2017

Started graduate school at Stanford University, working towards my master's degree in Music, Science, and Technology.

June 2017

I graduated from UCLA with a bachelor of science in cognitive science and minors in mathematics and musicology. I had the honor of singing the UCLA Alma Mater at commencement with two of my friends, here's a video of our performance!


Here are some of my recent projects:

Vocal Recording and Production

Counterpoint's version of "Don't Wake Me Up" for my final project for Music 192B. This track features 8 singers and a vocal percussionist. All backing singers are doubled tracked and panned, I used Logic Pro for EQ, compression, delay, and reverb, as well as Melodyne for pitch and timing correction. The bass part was octavized and the kick drum sound was produced to create bass in the otherwise all-treble mix. Enjoy!

Affective Priming in Music

My final paper for Music 451a, using Electroencephalography (EEG) to study affective priming in music. Featuring brain wave data from five participants, collected in Takako Fujioka's NeuroMusic Lab.

A Cappella Ambisonics

My final project for Music 220a. I musically arranged, recorded, edited, and mixed the song "Strawberry Fields Forever." What makes this piece notable is that it is mixed and dramatically panned in 4 channels using ChucK.

Music Genre Categorization

A project from my neural networks course at UCLA, using Mel-frequency Cepstral Coefficients (MFCCs) to categorize music into 4 genres. Coding was done in MATLAB.

Pitch Discrimination

A project from my psychophysics course at UCLA, using PsychoPy to study pitch discrimination in musicians and non-musicians.

Contact Me

Elena Georgieva
Email: egeorgie[at]stanford.edu
LinkedIn: Elena Georgieva


I am currently seeking an internship for Summer 2018, feel free to look at my current resume and contact me with any questions!