Vowel Recognition With Neural Networks

In the summer semester 2001-02 I took the course C++ Practical Training. The goal was to work in a group of four to finish a large programming project. Rene Gegusch, Patrick Stewin, Mike Weissbach and I formed a group. The project was so intensive that we also spent time during the summer to finish it. My responsibilities were programming the neural networks, writing the documentation for the neural networks, and helping with parts of the GUI.
The program is capable of
The neural network object I created
Recognition is then performed with a mixture of experts. The first network recognizes A, E/I, or O/U, the second E or I, and the third O or U. It is programmed with C++ under UNIX (g++) with the help of the GUI library Qt from the Norweigan company Trolltech. We have tested the program under both Linux and UNIX, although the record function does not work with Linux because the tool audiorecord is missing. In that case, the sample .SET's of audio files can be used.

After we received the grade, I continued to work in order to:

Download the program: Documentation (in German):
An example of what the error curves might look like if the networks were first 1) successfully trained, 2) overtrained, and then 3) improperly trained (bad settings used).

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