Pitch detection of musical signals

My neighbor at the time Juanjo Burred and I both happened to be taking the same class during the summer semester 2001/2002. Under the direction of Professor Hobohm, we were supposed to form groups and undertake projects relating to audio analysis and synthesis. Juanjo and I decided it would be an especially good idea to work together since we lived next to each other and had the same topic in mind: pitch detection of musical signals.
We started by collecting articles about pitch detection to see what other people had done. Based on this research, we held a short oral report about the pros and cons of the various time-domain, frequency-domain, and combined techniques. The maximum likelihood seemed like a good decision as So, we went ahead and started writing the program to perform pitch detection with MATLAB. Mostly taking turns, one of us would work hard on the code for a week, while the other would give advice. As we couldn't find many good samples on the internet, we recorded some of our own.
The program-flow in the final version was: To Download:

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