Feedback Guitar

Edgar Berdahl
June 2nd, 2008

Brief example
See below for more sound examples.

Websites describing prior work:

Sound examples:

We have processed the sound signal from the piezo pickups by applying only the following processing. The examples sound best in stereo headphones.
The guitar is transformed into a flute-like instrument where self-sustaining feedback causes the strings to vibrate on their own.
Sustain is traded back and forth between the same note on two different strings. (Listen with stereo!)
First a short phrase is played with damping by feedback control. Then for comparison, the phrase is repeated with no feedback control.
The introduction to Shining Star is played with damping, and some sustain is added at the end of the phrase.
Event-based control allows the spectral envelope to be precisely controlled.
Another example using event-based control sustain.
Tremolo is applied physically to the guitar string.
Vibrato is applied physically to the guitar string.

NOTE: No new theory was used in the creation of these sound examples. This is a nice implementation that can be used in live performance.

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