Calbot project for EE40 with pitch detection

In Spring 2001, Andrew and I took the class EE40 and became lab partners. We were a good match because his studies of Mechanical Engineering complemented my studies of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS).
At the end of the semester, we partially assembled and programmed a small robot to fulfill the laboratory requirements: However, we had enjoyed working together so much that we decided to add several additional features to compete in the Calbot competition. For the competition, we used a keyboard, which had an instrument producing few overtones. We were also asked by the professor to sing pitches in order to control the robot. This technique also worked. As a result, we won first prize: two Kodak digital cameras. Here is a picture of the final product which now stands in Cory Hall next to other winning robots. Many of the pictures on this web site were taken with one of the cameras.

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