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I'm currently teaching the Music 250A class, the New Music Controllers workshop, and the Stompbox Design workshop.

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When The Robots Get Loose
In this piece, Edgar explores mechanical sound synthesis by employing robots to play physical percussion instruments. There are five points of mechanical interconnection. At the first four points, a shaker, egg, tambourine, and snare drum are played by "slave" robots. The fifth point is the "master" robot that Edgar holds in his hand. He can play any of the physical instruments by teleoperating it through the master robot with force feedback. During teleoperation, the trajectory of the master robot is recorded into wavetable loops in Max/MSP. At later times during the piece, these loops are played back, providing for mechanical synthesis with an especially human feel, even when the loops are played back irregularly or at superhuman speeds. The piece also incorporates the Haptic Drum, which is a feedback-controlled woofer connected to an Indian percussion instrument synthesizer.
Recorded live using six microphones.

Piece with haptically augmented drum set, feedback guitar, haptic synthesized drum, and synth controlled by Novint Falcon.
Mixing and mastering by Frankie Siragusa.

It's Like A Car
Multichannel recording of a live improvisation of the haptic drum and traditional percussion instruments including drum set, maracas, xylophone, egg, and FM radio. The haptic drum is programmed to trigger samples of Indian percussion instruments and spoken phrases.

CCRMA Transitions Concert, Summer 2009

Mixing, mastering, and traditional percussion instruments except egg by Frankie Siragusa.

Courses At Stanford:

ME 326: Telerobotics and Human-Robot Interactions
Music 250a: Physical Interaction Design For Music
Music 424: Signal Processing Techniques for Digital Audio Effects
EE 376B: Information Theory
EE 363: Linear Dynamical Systems
Music 321: Advanced Musical Acoustics
CS 229: Machine Learning
E 205: Introduction to Control Design Techniques
EE 141: Engineering Electromagnetics
STAT 217: Random Processes
STAT 218: Random Processes
EE 364: Convex Optimization
EE 367B: Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform
EE 373B: Neural Information Processing
EE 367A: Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics
EE 373A: Adaptive Filtering
EE 376A: Information Theory
EE 263: Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
EE 278: Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing
Music 220a: Foundations of Computer-Generated Sound

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