Music 220a - Homework 2: Radioplay

Dulcie Davies

Final Binaural Wav/ Recorded Samples

Chuck Code


There's a musical jam session going on in the room and you have a VIP backstage pass, you are in the middle of the green room when the band is doing a cover of Latch by Disclosure. In this piece there are four people in the room (with surprisingly similar voices), two are singing the main melody and the chorus over the top of eachother, one is beatboxing in the background and the other sings 'Never' periodically in the background. The effects that I put on to each of the voice recordings are reverb, this effect firstly makes the voice sound better and gives it an earie sounding, which fits in nicely with the acapella ambience of the piece.


  • Original version of Latch by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
  • .