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aside from building the slingashot, and getting a reefered up hexabackground running, i wanted to explore the idea of creating a musical and physical entity. in this case, the projectiles have definite physical traits and interact with their surroundings as you may expect, but they also have musical traits. each projectile is born with the pitches that correspond to the hexes from whence it came. initially, each projectile played this triad at every collision. with a couple of 'em bouncing around, this got a bit nasty. i then decided to randomly select one note to play at each collision. when two projectiles bounce off each other, each one selects a note to play, and they also play the pitch of the hex that they collided on.

in the year 2000, i would have included more instruments and added some sort of control over params that govern the world and allowed the projectiles to carry other musical parameters and allow them to procreate and spread their parameters.