derek tingle


i grew up in fair oaks ranch, tx, just north of san antonio. i spent four blissful years at swarthmore college where i studied computer science and math. i enjoyed the ample sunlight and snow in boulder, co for a bit before heading to CCRMA to study music, science, and technology. i now work as a research assistant at gracenote in the east bay, ca.



sour mash

a real-time micro-granule sound mosaic machine


an app that allows users to explore a crowd-built universe of audio and image snapshots


an audio visualizer that presents the spectrum as a rainbow ripple


an instrument that uses the position and orientation of a neon-cube to create sounds

sonic slingshot

an ios app that sonifies slingshooting


an ios app that allows you to resynthesize selections from a spectrogram


academically, i'm interested in understanding why we like the music we like. some relevant fields for approaching this question are music information retrieval (MIR), machine learning, and neuroscience. i'm particularly interested in:

personally, i enjoy: