David Berners

3609 Cuen Ct. San Jose, CA 95136 408-267-6429

Work Experience:
Universal Audio 11/1999-present. Director of Algorithm Design. Audio Signal Processing: Dynamic Range Compression, Equalization, Emulation of Analog Equipment.

Aureal Semiconductor 1996-1999 (contractor). Development of signal processing algorithms for audio effects including pitch shifting, harmonizing, reverberation, etc. Also implementation of effects in various DSP environments.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 1991-1998. Pulsed-power and other high voltage electronics design for linear induction accelerators used in heavy ion fusion research. Also designed beam diagnostic equipment.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1991. Development of high-efficiency DC to DC power converters for cassini mission.

Allied Signal Bendix Engine Controls Division, 1988, 1989, 1990. Development of switched mode DC to DC power converters.

Pritchett cafeteria at MIT, 1988-1990. Flipped hamburgers.