This is the Sonic File System
source code

- Searching for the right sound through a file system tedious and can often impede the creative process.
- SonicFileSystem is a first pass at creating an interactive, aesthetically pleasing environment for browsing sound files.
- In order to take advantage of the user's existing familiarity with their file system, the structure of the file system is used to determine the orbits.
- The environment is also navigable using familiar command line instructions detailed in the user guide.

User guide
- Press 'command' to toggle command line mode on and off
- When in command line mode
  - 'cd [directory]' navigates to that directory
  - 'cd ..' navigates to the parent directory
  - 'pl [filename]' plays the file
- When not in command line mode
  - 'd' toggles the display of directory names
  - 's' toggles the display of file names