Milestone - Featured Artist

By: Dominic DeMarco

Phase One: Extract, Classify, Validate

Here are the feature sets that I experimented with!

Phase Two: Designing an Audio Mosaic Tool


My data audio is sourced from LSJUMB albums (contact me if you'd like pw access). For this milestone, I've gathered a few of our songs that fall into the "funk" genre, including Flahslight, Stuff Like That, What is Hip, and Whisper Your Name:


The interface that I developed converts midi keyboard inputs to outputs from audio files that prominently contain that pitch. For example, if one were to press the "U" key down, which corresponds to Bb, the audio output will be fragments of the original songs that are the most "Bb-like."

This is accomplished from a similarity retrieval standpoint using the Chroma object (and only the chroma object, no additional features are currently being used). Then, when the user presses a mapped key, I alter the frequency parameter of a SinOsc input. This means that I'm basically doing nearest neighbor search across the space using a vector that is all zeros except for a 1 in the target pitch. The result is actually quite good, you can pretty clearly make out the pitch.

Next Steps

I would love to build out the following features in phase three:

Demo Audio (sneak peak!)

Here's some demo audio - I'm using the closest-neighbor setting to show the pitch accuracy, and then towards the end I mess around with increasing the number of neighbors sampled by the program.


Extraction/Data Collection: mosaic-extract-chroma

Synthesis: mosaic-synth-chroma