Music 220a Homework 2

by Dave Dolben


For my project, I decided to write a spoof of an absurd radio advertisement, for a monster truck rally. I wrote the script with the intention of being as ridiculous as possible, using names, events, and venues that poke fun at the craziness of monster truck rallies. I attempted to use directional sound to add in my sound effects from different directions, and edited the vocal track to come from different directions as well. I made heavy use of Audacity's effects, namely the Echo filter, Amplify, BassBoost, and AUMatrixReverb and AUDistortion. I also wrote a small ChucK file to pan a sound smoothly across two channels, which I used on the revving monster truck sound effect. It outputs two mono .wav files from one mono file, each representing an audio channel.

WAV Files

Chuck Files