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LETTERS - An art teacher who inspired me for life

DATE: 04-16-2001
PUBLICATION: Providence Journal Company
PAGE: A-09

I read with sadness of the death of Antonio Dattorro (obituary, April 5), who was my art teacher at Hope High School.

Replacing an ill teacher, he was a most remarkable substitute. He taught us to see art as a creative experience that was open to all of us. Rather than lose this man, the school hired him as a second art teacher. He opened doors and unleashed our minds, making us feel the importance of art.

As a teacher, I appreciate the gift he gave us, and carry his spirit in my heart. He taught me to respect students, nurture their creative souls and listen to what they say. I would like to think that this was a gift I have passed on to others.


Wheaton, Ill.

The writer is professor of English at College of DuPage, in Glen Ellyn, Ill.

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