Convex Optimization:
  • Matlab for Convex Optimization & Euclidean Distance Geometry
  • Signal Processing Applications of Euclidean Distance Matrices
  • Convex Optimization of a First-Order Sigma Delta Modulator
  • Proposed Optimization of a Reverberator

  • Rank-Constrained Semidefinite Program
    (in chapter 4...)
  • Euclidean Distance Matrix
    (in chapter 5...)
  • Convex Optimization for Protecting Children

  • Mathematics:
    Equality relating Euclidean distance cone to positive semidefinite cone.
    Linear Algebra and its Applications, Volume 428, Issues 11+12, 1 June 2008, Pages 2597-2600

    (in chapter 6...)

  • Digital Signal Processing:
    Effect Design, Part I: Reverberator and Other Filters
    (click here for .pdf)

    Effect Design, Part II: Delay-Line Modulation and Chorus
    (click here for .pdf)

    Effect Design, Part III: Oscillators: Sinusoidal and Pseudonoise
    (click here for .pdf)

  • Lexicon Reverberator letter

  • Implementation of Recursive Digital Filters
    for High-Fidelity Audio
  • Errata & Comments (Letters to the Editor),
    37(6):486, June 1989; 38(3):149-151, March 1990
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging:
    Minimum Peak Impulse FIR Filter Design
    Audio Arrays:
    Speaker Arrays: Audio & Ultrasonic