Highlights from my time at Stanford 1999-2003

Stanford photo from Stanford's web page

A beautiful day for studying on the beach
October, 1999
Stanford Wind Ensemble takes Italy by storm
June, 2000
Sophomore College outside the Exploratorium
September 2000
Spring break visiting my sister at Caltech in Pasadena
March, 2001
Recording at Skywalker Sound
June, 2001
Stanford Symphony Orchestra plays Carnegie Hall
June, 2002
Visiting IRCAM in Paris
June, 2002
Sophomore College and the Mark Applebaum Trap
September, 2002
Meeting Yo-Yo Ma
November, 2002
June, 2003
My advisor, Jonathan Berger
June, 2003
Stanford Wind Ensemble concert - Saxony, Germany
June, 2003
Stanford Wind Ensemble plays Prague's Old Town Square
June, 2003
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