Michelle Daniels

Audio researcher and software engineer
Recent Ph.D. graduate in Music (emphasis in computer music)
Department of Music
University of California, San Diego
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Michelle Daniels

About Me

I graduated from Stanford University in June 2003 with a BA in Music (concentration in Music, Science, and Technology), and from fall of 2003 until summer of 2007 I worked as a Software Engineer at Groove Mobile (formerly Chaoticom, later acquired by Livewire Mobile) in Massachusetts. In September of 2007, I started graduate school at the University of California, San Diego. I completed my Master's Degree with an emphasis in computer music from UCSD's Music Department in 2009 and my PhD in the same program in 2015.

My primary research interests are in machine listening, music information retrieval, and musical audio analysis. My dissertation is titled "An Ensemble Framework for Real-Time Audio Beat Tracking" (teaching the computer to tap its foot in time to music!). I have also done significant work in audio networking focusing on remote collaboration as a Graduate Student Researcher in the Sonic Arts R&D group at UCSD's Qualcomm Institute/CalIT2. Check out my award-winning open-source networked audio system here or read my dissertation here.

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