Something Wekin This Way Comes


Three things I would like to wekinate:

I had so much fun doing this assignment. The first one is an experimental idea that could be used in movies or games. I think music and art in other works could be an interactive process. I demo-ed this using a very simple concept. If you take a certain action when you're watching an interactive art, it completes the piece. I am certain that this has been tried at some contemporary art pieces, but it would be great to explore its potential in everyday pieces, such as netflix. Also, this would be an incredibly powerful addition to games. While the second idea, which was the game console controlled by motions and gestures, it would be also cool to parse through the cinematics or the music interactively.

The second idea was a game console that is controlled by motions and gestures. It initially started with the idea of a dragon game. How you are flying, i.e. direction, will be determined by your actual position captured by camera. Also, if you open your mouth, you can breathe fire. I kind of wanted to make it silly and funny, so I made it such that the chicken lets out a gigantic scream, causing an earthquake. This is a reference to one of my favourite fantasy novels and a game that's coming out in 2027, The Bird that Drinks Tear, where creatures looking like gigantic chickens, called Leckorn, has an ability to shout and scream in enormous voices.

I playtested this concept with a few of my friends from the game design class. One comment that I got was the concept's usability for accessibility purposes. Recently, my mom was hospitalised and could not walk for a few weeks. (She's mostly recovered now!) This was really an opportunity for me to think about accessibility in a lot of things, and I think Wekinators genuinely has places in games, especially because while keyboards are made to meet an average person's needs, accessibility-inspired controls must need various needs, and it might be the best to train using the actual user's preferences and gestures.

I am really excited to further explore the possibility of wekinator use for games as my final project for this course!