"CHAI-GPT, what is King - Man + Woman?"

Find out my answer on this Video

I initially started off by putting together an AI-generated mosaic of Bon Iver's songs, which I titled 'Bon AIver'. He's my favourite artist, who often well-represents my internal solitude.

Then, I realised that I wanted to do something that was innately relevant, something more meta. Also, I missed using Chunity, which I learned during MUSIC256A days. I am still very new to AI, and this is my very first AI class, so I wanted to utilise it to represent some beginning stages of my AI learning.

The very first word2vec example that I learned was 'King - Man + Woman = Queen.' Ever since I came up with this example, I wanted to pursue this idea. I wanted a narrative where Chai is answering the question, in the style of ChatGPT, but using visuals though unity. This is how Chai-GPT-Visual came into being.

One regret that I had was that GPT is a misleading name, because I do not actually use the GPT NLP model here at all. This is something that I figured out through receiving class comment. Someone asked if this used the Chat-GPT, which is not the case.

Overall, I am satisfied with my concept, and how my ideas were ultimately ridiculous and playful, which was something that I was going for. I wasn't satisfied with my recording / video quality and recognised a last minute mistake. I had to record this while I was sleep-deprived, and ultimately, it didn't capture the 'Off with his head' transition.

Going forward, I hope to be able to more fully use the creative aspects of AI by familiarising myself more with the technical aspects of it. I sort of get the upchuck as of now, but I was still not very comfortable utilising the diverse aspects of the provided code other than changing a few parameters.

This was a really fun exercise, and I don't think I would have enjoyed AI-learning as much if I hadn't started with this course. I am looking forward to the coming parts of this class. I recently went through a lot, including being hit by a truck (no injury, thank goodness), but I do want to achieve and do more for the next project!

Bon AIver




I used Bon Iver's songs to create a MosAIC that makes everything moody and melancholic. I am reading my reflection on the first etude which is synthesised using three songs: Skinny Love, Holocene, and iMi.


Phase 1

Phase 1 was incredibly fun! It was a great experience fro me to learn about MFCCs, Chroma, and Kurtosis, which were terms that I have never heard of before coming to this assignment. Some of the experiments are documented below.

Adding Kurtosis didn't really improve the scores as much as I expected.

Adding Chroma to the combo (and not Kurtosis) had mixed results: it is the only test that went above 0.4 in any category, but the general average was not very high.
Adding RollOff also stayed below 0.4, but one notable thing about this mix was that it remained relatively stable at around 3.65.
Adding ZeroX also stayed below 0.4, but was generally high except for fold0.
Adding everything together was as below.
Everythign minus MFCCs. Shows MFCCs are really crucial perhaps?