Craig's useful command-line utilities

  1. flip -- converts between MSDOS ascii files and UNIX/MAC ascii files by adjusting the newline character(s).
  2. detab -- replaces tab characters with spaces in a text file.
  3. smake -- simple make : executes an embedded command in a file
  4. binasc -- simlar to the unix od command for displaying/creating binary files by ASCII printout.
  5. unsuffix -- simlar to the unix basename command but more flexible.
  6. randnum -- high-quality command line random number generator with excellent seeding.
  7. tobin -- converts decimal or hexadecimal numbers to binary format (up to 32 bits).
  8. todec -- converts hexadecimal numbers to decimal format.
  9. tohex -- converts decimal numbers to hexadecimal format.

Soundfile-specific programs

Soundfiles for these programs can be NeXT/Sun (.snd, or .au) as well as WAVE files (.wav). The command option --help will give instructions for each program, e.g. subtract --help will give the usage information for the subtract command.
  1. subtract -- subtract one soundfile from another
  2. envelope -- add an amplitude envelope to a soundfile
  3. silence -- generates a soundfile which contains silence
  4. extract -- makes a mono soundfile from a channel in stereo file.