2005 Publications

  • Deguchi, Sachiko, and Craig Sapp. A Prototype for Melody Generation using Melodic Patterns.
  • Sapp, Craig. Online Database of Scores in the Humdrum File Format. ISMIR 2005, 11-15 September 2005; London. [ PDF Paper | PDF Poster  ]

    Abstract: KernScores, an online library of musical data currently consisting of over 5 million notes, has been created to assist projects dealing with the computational analysis of musical scores. The online scores are in a format suit-able for processing with the Humdrum Toolkit for Music Research, but the website also provides automatic trans-lations into several other popular data formats for digital musical scores.
  • Sapp, Craig. Visual Hierarchical Key Analysis in Computers in Entertainment, volume 3, No. 4 (Oct 2005). [ PDF Paper  ]

    Abstract: Tonal music is often conceived of as progressing through a sequence of key regions, usually starting and ending in the tonic key, with a journey away from the tonic key somewhere in the middle of the piece. This article presents a visual method of displaying the musical key structure of a composition in a single picture. The hierarchical plots can also show the relative strength of these key regions and how they develop out of the chordal substrate of the music.
  • Segnini, Rodrigo and Craig Sapp. Scoregram: Displaying Gross Timbre Information from a Score presented at Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval 2005PDF Paper  ]

    Abstract: This paper introduces a visualization technique for music similar to that of spectrograms which display time and frequency content, but with the addition of a multi-timescale aggregation that offers at-a-glance visual structures which are interpretable as the global timbre resulting from a normative performance of a score.

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