2004 Publications

  • Sapp, Craig, Yi-Wen Liu, and Eleanor Selfridge-Field. "Search-Effectiveness Measures for Symbolic Music Queries in Very Large Databases", ISMIR 2004, Barcelona, Spain. October 10-14, 2004. [ PDF | PPT Slides | PPS Slides | HTML Slides | PDF-1up | PDF-2up | PDF-6up ]

    Abstract: In the interest of establishing robust benchmarks for search efficiency, we conducted a series of tests on symbolic databases of musical incipts and themes taken from several diverse repertories. The results we report differ from existing studies in four respects: (1) the data quantity is much larger (c. 100,000 entries); (2) the levels of melodic and rhythmic precision are more refined; (3) anchored and unanchored serches were differentiated; and (4) results from joint pitch-and-rhythm searches were compared with those for pitch-only searches.

    Addendum: "How to Calculate Entropy-Rates from Match-Count Profiles" [PDF].

2004 Acknowledgements, Reviews and Citations to Web Resources

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  • Computer Music Journal, Vol.28, page 71. [ PDF ]
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