Craig's Publications          (goto long listing)


  • Deguchi, Sachiko, and Craig Sapp. A Prototype for Melody Generation using Melodic Patterns.



  • Mathews, M.V, G. Bennett, C. Sapp, A. Friberg and J. Sundberg. "A Marriage of the Director Musices Program and the Conductor Program" in the Proceedings (Volume 1) of the Stockholm Music Acoustics Conference, 6-9 Aug 2003. [ PDF ]



  • de la Cuadra, Patricio, Aaron Master and Craig Sapp, "Efficient Pitch Detection Techniques for Interactive Music" in the Proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) 2001, Havana, Cuba. pp. 403-406. [ PDF  ]
  • Verplank, Bill, Craig Sapp and Max Mathews. "A Course on Controllers". CHI 2001 New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) Workshop; Seattle, Washington; April 2001. [ PDF ]
  • Selfridge-Field, Eleanor, Walter Hewlett, and Craig Sapp. "Data Models for Virtual Distribution of Music Scores" at WEDELMUSIC 2001. Firenze (Florence), Italy. pp. 62-70. [ PDF  ]


  • Sapp, Craig. "Geometric Acceptances of the Detector Setup at LEGS". University of Virginia, Department of Physics 1991. [ PDF ]


  • Sapp, Craig. "Design of a Support Stand for Large Plastic Scintillation Bars for Nucleon Detection". University of Virginia, REU 1989. [ PDF ]