Week 6

Fixed a fundamental issue in the Markov analysis. Added a whole bunch of UI and control logic for switching between training and generation modes.

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Week 5

Developed some Ableton and SuperCollider integration, built machinery for live input into Markov generator.

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Week 4

Implemented a system with realtime control over pre-existing sounds. Further developed Markov analysis tool in Ableton.

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Week 3

Worked on generative component of Ableton-live integrated Markov analysis tool, began looking more closely at SuperCollider GUI stuff.

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Week 2

This week I accomplished a few tangental tasks, as well as a few critical ones.

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Week 1

This week I did some reading, organizing, getting oriented, and figuring out how to articulate what it is I want to do.

I will attempt to do the following:

  • Build a performance system that can play algorithmically generated variations based on “hard-coded” music.
  • Develop synthesized sound, sampled sound, and musical content to perform with the system.

More details about this proposal are below.

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