About Me

I am a musician, programmer, and an engineering student person living in the bay area. I am interested in a variety of different things including ants, fractals, space exploration, and dinosaurs. I love going going on adventures, composing music and making things. As you will see throughout this site, I like to keep my hands dirty with a variety of different things from music and art to programming and technical design, but especially the inbetween. If you like what I do, feel free to send me an email.
My independent music project, The Alpha Channel, keeps me fairly distracted from reality. Planes and Squirrel Man can also be viewed by clicking on the Music tab. I try to combine a healthy dose of silliness and seriousness into my music, but often things tend to lean one way or the other. I play the guitar, bass, and piano. When I am not building something or making music, I am out adventuring.
In the past, I have worked on research on the computational design of self-healing polymers at the University of Pittsburgh and I worked to develop an application for indoor navigation on Android smartphones with CMU's Robotics Institute. Most recently, I was involved in the Lunar and Planetary Science Academy at Goddard Space Flight Center. I am very interested in analog/digital circuit design, control theory, and image processing. I have a strong background in mathematics and I am always looking for people to shoot the breeze about physics with. I helped to found an outreach program at the University of Pittsburgh called Scientists, Engineers, and Mathematicians for Service. This group serves to inspire local children by hosting Saturday workshops with interactive science demos.