Ear Tone Toolbox

The Ear Tone Toolbox is a collection of unit generators for the production of auditory distortion product synthesis.

Auditory distortion products are sounds naturally generated in the ear in response to synthesized pure tone frequency combinations. The frequencies of the distortion products (DPs) are separate from the provoking stimulus tones (primary tones), and the DPs are not physically present in the acoustic space. The most prominent distortion products are the quadratic difference tone (QDT) at frequency f2-f1 (f2>f1), and the cubic difference tone (CDT) at frequency 2*f1-f2 (f2>f1).

This open-source toolbox was written in the Faust programming language, and can compile to many formats.

The current version (1.01) contains four main unit generators, and multiple variations. In addition to the Faust source code, this release provides compiled unit generators for Max/MSP, Pure Data, VSTi instruments, VST effects, LV2's (Linux) and patches for the eurorack modular OWL synthesizer.

For more information, see The Ear Tone Toolbox for Auditory Distortion Product Synthesis, from the 2016 ICMC proceedings.

Download the Ear Tone Toolbox (1.01) for OSX

Download the Ear Tone Toolbox (1.01) for Linux

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