A new musical controller for electronic music production and sound synthesis.





The LUMI is a new hardware/software interface designed for realtime control over a multitude of musical parameters. The LUMI consists of a 10.4" touch screen and 32 pressure sensitive buttons. The LUMI can be used with it's own internal software or it can interface with the majority of popular music software applications on the market using midi and osc. View a presentation/demo of the LUMI below. The LUMI has also recently been featured on



Read the LUMI paper - LUMI.pdf



View a recent performance using a new, re-designed LUMI as an integrated interface for Ableton Live, ChucK and internal LUMI software:

View an additional performance:
LUMI-Performance #2

View the original presentation of the LUMI prototype from two camera angles:
LUMI-Camera 1
LUMI-Camera 2


Stanford Coursework

250A Final Project - The LUMI Hardware

220A Final Project - The LUMI Granulator - An OpenGL-based granular synthesis engine

View the Granulator

256 Final Project - The LUMI Interface - An OpenGL-based graphical environment for the control of midi and audio data

View the README
View the Documentation