Should I Sleep?

Champ Darabundit | 2020.11.18
Music 256A / CS476a, Stanford University Fall 2020

"Should I Sleep?" is a text-based sleep simulation game. The opening track is a sonification of the chorus of the Black Flag song "What I See." "Should I Sleep" is a dialogue with how we view and interact with our society.

Each post has a ranking that sets the "mood" of the post which is either positive or negative. If the "mood" is negative the text in the post is sonified differently.

When the "mood" is positive we select notes from a Major pentatonic C scale and when the "mood" is negative we select notes from the same pentatonic scale raised by a tritone. This has the effect of "dissonant" voices sounding resonant together. There is an underlying bassline to keep the "dissonant" voices vaguely dissonant. Punctuation is also handled as bass hits.


Just follow along and play. You can create posts using the "+" button and change the mood of the post by toggling the emojis.


Origianl Sketches

This is based on an Japanese arcade rhythm game called Beatmania which I enjoyed as a kid. This game is a live version where you can record tracks or provide sample tracks and these tracks are analyzed and turning to playable track rolls. The underlying algorithm would be to take the STFT of the audio and analyze it based on frequencies of interest. Which frequencies are interesting are based on movement and change in the STFT values which would indicate movement. In the begining of the song we might want to track a guitar rift but we would want to track the vocals when they come in as opposed to the guitar rift.

"Should I Sleep?" is a text based sleeping simulator. It begins with you on your phone in bed with the question "Should I sleep?" with the options "Yes" or "No." Picking these options leads down a decision tree that prevents you from falling asleep. This involves great pre-sleeping activies such as: reading the news, watching YouTube videos, looking at social media, checking if your assignment has been graded, etc. Each of these activies are meant to be an audio visual experience that becomes increasingly weirder as the night goes on.

This is a version of the original game Snake but turned into a rhythm/sequencer game. You start off with a snake that has a fews notes that are an intro to the song. These notes play on repeating loop until you eat the next note. This note is placed in the loop at the time that you eat it and a new note is created. The goal of the game is eat all the notes and make the song but make it as in time as possible, because if you eat notes at the wrong time they will keep playing incorrectly in the loop as you continue to play.