Celeste Betancur

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Final - Soundtrack for an Unstable Woman

Introducing the latest AI tool that will revolutionize your music listening experience and your daily life! With just a simple wave of your hand, shaking your a**s or just walking with your web camera turned on, our program will randomly select a music genre for you to enjoy. You are trapped in just one song though.

This project uses some of the ideas I already developed through the quarter.

The input is a processing script that send osc to the Wekinator, in this case, an iphone sending video feed to an Apple computer. Wekinator is wekinating 54 inputs to just one continuous output. This is being send to Chuck and then, that number is dealing with the audio envelopes as a mosaic tool.

Audios - Sex on fire (6 versions)
ChucK code
Processing cam feed

Milestone for final presentation

Reimplementation of Spencer Salazar's Auraglyph - Work in Progress

The system is a network of OSC connections from Processing to Wekinator, Processing to Chuck, Wekinator to Chuck, Chuck to Processing. 13000 inputs (averaged pixels from the drawing zone) to recognize basic shapes.