Reading Response #1
Celeste Betancur Gutierrez
Music 356 Stanford University

Reading Response

I remember when we used to talk like this:

...It may still be a while before we have to decide where a robot songwriter or algorithmic playwright fits into our lives...
Life has changed a lot and to write this reading response, I am just saying out loud words, and a system - I don't remember 'its' name - is writing the transcription. Every time my train of thought seems confusing or redundant, the systems suggest a better way and I agree... I am not very interested right now, American bureaucracy has my attention and it is hard to think when your family does not even have insurance.

We are using computers to make music, write essays, explain and optimize algorithms, and paint stunning digital art so we - humans - can have time to deal with boring things like insurance, taxes, and, cleaning bathrooms. Yei!!!

202... 23? Yes - say 'the system' while I was trying to remember the year... also, you need to eat spinach and mushrooms, Celeste, your body levels are not balanced today. Do you know what would be interesting? what if you interpolate Beethoven 9th's with Meshuggah style and put a female singer with ridiculous lyrics about a forgiven love, Romeo and Juliet... No, no, don't play that shit, I was joking... just put Adele and let me in peace, I don't want you to hear every word I say.

10 activities or tasks (in different areas, musical or otherwise) that could benefit from an interactive AI approach/mindset:
  • Search engines, when looking for specific data: telephone, address, schedule, the name of that song...
  • Better suggestion on music playlist using audio references ans text descriptions
  • Writing assitant
  • ...
  • wait
  • ...
  • Everything I can think of is already happening
  • Tools to expand the way you use other tools
  • ... wait
  • are we in the future now?
  • Optimizing current tools...
  • oh shit... we are in the future now.