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Marise and I had a lot of fun doing this projects, we try many things and and experiments trying to learn the most form the tools.

This is a variation on a more dedicated draw recognition task I'm training (Web version of the Auraglyph by Spencer Salazar). This one uses granular synthesis with a classifier with 9 classes in Wekinator.

The VanZylator is a haunted computer that doesn't want to be touched.

BrAIk beat

AI stuff - code
Text file with the audio files to train the model

Featured Artist

This is a random capture of the system, but I have tried many different inputs and it is insane the amount of changes that can be heard. I am also sharing a video with the system itself plus a bass + kick and hihat that it is also a pretty interesting experiment.

System + bass + hihat (also made with ChucK but this part is not AI)

Experiments with feature extractor

After trying different combinations, the best result (not a big difference) I could get was using MFCC with a lot of coefficients (80). The cross validation was always around 0.4. Also I saw some improvement changing the time to aggregate features. When this one is fast the validations was near 0.2 but bigger times give better results.
  • MFCC + Centroid + Flux + Chroma (best combination)

I tried so many other experiments like changing the fft size, type of windowing and I think that in general terms the improvement with 10 genres and the GTZAN dataset make no noticeable improvement.
The final experiment I ran was on the entire audio (30 seconds), adding RMS and I got a very high 0.4 (average).

"It is possible that creating a poem using AI and incorporating music into it could be a worthwhile assignment for a music and AI course. It would allow students to explore the intersection of these two fields and experiment with using AI as a tool for creating art. However, the final decision on whether this would be an appropriate homework would depend on the course objectives, curriculum, and the instructor's discretion."
"If you ask me, I am just a model." ChatGPT

I always enjoy doing audiovisual pieces but this assigment framed in a Music and AI class was hard to contextualize for me.