Nautilus - Audio visualizer

Unity game
Build for windows
Unity project

Inside an old-fashioned ship, you can choose to analyze your voice or any sound source using your microphone but also you can load an audio sample. The Code function... I'm not giving you clues, just click it and enjoy the trip!

Everything started with me trying to make handwriting text transform into letters but, after some experimentation, I realized that the gesture -the waveform and the spectrum- of recording the history from left to right and line by line was enough to capture that feeling of writing.
One good accident gave me the final touch: Experimenting with the spectrum history I made a mistake. Still, the result was so powerful that it gave me the idea of transforming the book-handwriting approach into an old-fashioned control panel. Then the narrative just emerged naturally.
I think the project takes time, and that could be one of the most difficult things to find with other courses and homework to do. For me, it was a lot of fun and also I found new ideas to work with.

Video - visualizer/chunity

This video uses the visualizer plus a shader, the actual shader isn't currently embed in the unity proyect and it is just for narrative purposes. One of the most important things that I made was to use LineRenderer for the history, both waveform and spectrum and that made very easy to draw it. Also I kept the cube versions. I would love to add the time traveling shader in the unity program as part of the full experience. The shaders uses fft also but it was made in openGL (I need to port the code to unity shader).

Unity tutorial - sonic visualizer (built in)

Unity game
The tutorial for the visualizar was super clear and everything worked for me except a mysterious error for this line while(!(Microphone ...)){} that I would like to ask what does it mean... So I didn't understand the structure or meaning of that line and it didn't work neither. The picture on the left is my result in orange and blue.

3 ideas for a sonic visualizer

  • - Green rain (matrix) style lines with random texts (could be poetry or literature) mapped to audio information as light intensity and the text could be mapped too (casual conversations to deep stuff)
  • - Use the audio information as a track for an Arcade game as "ExciteBike", you can have multiple bikes jumping at the same time
  • - A place full of butterflies. Maybe map the number to specific frecuency ranges, so 64 butterflies around the screen. Color and speed mapped to audio information
Unity game