Music 220A Final Project
The Seven Line Prayer to Padmasambhava
December 18th, 2011

My final project is a real-time performance. I wrote a song which is based on a buddhism prayer. I made the four channel accompanyment in chuck without any other software or studio editing.

There are 3 chuck files for the whole processing. One for my vocal, one for the accompanyment and the other for the real-time manipulation.

At the begining of the song, I made a tibetan horn modulation. I added verberation to my voice by chuck which has an unwanted effect of delaying my singing. Since this is the only way to make it real-time, I have to use it though.

I use the processing to do the maping with the rythem of the song by learning the tutorials of Processing / Images and Pixels .

Here is the Video of my performance.

Please kindly find and open the "final_cecilia_wu_004.avi" on your PC or Mac laptop by checking out the following website :

You might still have to download the VLC media player to watch it.

I couldn't make it work via the Linux machine yet. I'll try to put it on youtube later so everyone can see it.

According to the issue that my vocal part (the song's melody part ) could hardly be heard by the audience at the final presentation,

I retook the Video last weekend.

Here is the accompanyment audio:


Here are the chuck code:

Here is the processing maping code


Hope you enjoy the peice~~~