Sound, Digital Sound and Massive Sound Media
lectures: 10am - 12, Knoll Ballroom
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
6 (arr.) 7 intro
kick-off bbq, 5pm
8 dig. audio
Intro. to Max (Jeff)
11  ears, etc.
intro. to recording studio (Jeff)
12  emotion and music David Huron
Exploratorium trip, dinner SF
13  force-feedback, Sile O'Modhrain
synthesis I
14  synthesis II 15  time scales of communication
synthesis III
Hopkins trip
18  New media (Internet, DVD, DVD-A, etc.)
CCARH, Craig Sapp
fac night, 7pm
19 electroacoustic sculptures, chez Mark Applebaum
Digidesign trip
20  Brahms restoration, Jonathan Berger
Spatialization (Dave)
sneak movie preview, 8pm
21   recording results
Mars mic, Greg Delory UCB
...and everything else
dinner at CC's, 6pm

Two hands-on tracks will be run outside the lecture times by Jeff Byron and Dave Chisholm to get participants involved in group recording projects and a new software system for studying waves and synthesis.
Daily readings will be recapped the next day (rotating assignment of discussion leaders).

(optional): To take the course for credit, create a web page that can be linked from here like these from last year's course.


Lecture #1: Introduction to the nature of sound, many forms of digital sound, and what the heck is massive sound media?

Physical Sources (waves)
   sound sources    demo devices

        text chapters: 1,2,3,7,8,A
        read from reader: Helmholtz, On the Sensation of Sound in General
        Helmholtz, On the Composition of Vibrations
        Pierce, The Nature of Musical Sound
-- Due Monday (11th) -- email dkc@ccrma an image of wave motion (anything) that they will end up here.

Lecture #2: Digital Sound.

Numerical Representation (sampling, resolution)
   digitization of sound waves

        text chapter: 14
        read: C. Chafe, A Short History of Digital Sound Synthesis


Lecture #3: Psychoacoustics.

   properties of hearing    auditory models

       text chapters: 9,10,11,B,C,D
       read: Shepard, Cognitive Psychology and Music
       W. Chafe, The Nature of Consciousness


Lecture #4: Music Cognition.

David Huron, OSU guest lecturer


Lecture #5: Haptics

Sile O'Modhrain guest lecturer.
& an overview of Sound synthesis (techniques, control).

        read: Pierce, Storage and Reproduction of Music
        text chapters: 12,13,F,G

Lecture #7: Synthesis II

Spectral (acoustic) modeling techniques


Lecture #8: Synthesis III

Physical modeling techniques

& layers of time in communication

...we will analyze in detail newly collected recordings.




Lecture #11: Sound on Mars

Greg Delory, UCB guest lecturer.


    1999-00 Sophomore College web projects
Megan Slinkard
Edward Requinez
Albert Kuo

example topics for optional credit project (check first w/ Chris):
        impact of networked sound -- find a novel use, e.g., internet radio in politically sensitive areas
        a compendium of all current-practice compression techniques -- pro's and con's
        symbolic representations of music (alphabets) -- from notation through digital forms
        Napster, Gnutella, etc. and their impact on traditional distribution channels