[computer-generated stereo soundfile (1999)]
transect (for concert use) [wav]

transect (compressed 10:1) [mp3]

Transect 12:23 computer generated (1999) Roughly 99% pure synthesis, Transect exists in a realm of computerized chamber music. Sounds were generated with a new kind of physical model approximating both a bowed string and a vocal tract, with the first exciting the second. Articulation, line, and phrasing were created by performing the string and its throat with a synthesized bow arm. Involving no actual moving parts, the physics of arm motion were (very loosely) modeled in software to create gestures that mimic those that are familiar from performance. Celletto phrases were mixed with the synthesized music at one point, partly to learn how well the synthesis quality stands up to the real thing. A year in the mountains of Alberta and California, and the mid-life interests of the composer, figure into the story line of the music which is, like the title, a section traversing. Interaction system: Matlab, C++ Physical Model Synthesis: Seer Systems' Reality software synthesizer (customized) Editing: Sound Forge