Ballet Mori music vault... Chris Chafe, Ken Goldberg, Greg Niemeyer, Vijay Vasudevan

Warning, extremely low tones! Pathetic laptop speakers not allowed... these are not appropriate sounds to be coming from anyone's lap, anyway.

8-Jan-06 --composed with formal elements-- (.wav) (.mp3) amplitude and spectrum 480" graph

Ken's "a / c / b" form with layers and section enhancements from point 0

9-Jan-06 --earth only, no composing-- (.wav) (.mp3)

unadulterated low rumbling music starting at point 200k in long dataset

9-Jan-06 --earth only, 3 sections-- (.wav) (.mp3)

3-part form "a / c / b" using 3 effects starting at point 150k

As audio:

approx. 300x speedup-- (.wav)

approx. 1200x speedup-- (.wav) = 1:1 into 48kHz sound file

As sonogram:


As text:

the above, truncated version-- (long.txt)

earlier-- (med.txt)

earliest-- (ED.txt) (ND.txt)

31-Dec-05 --a-- (.wav) (.mp3)

mid-pitched, big shaking (internal clipping needs to be fixed)

31-Dec-05 --b-- (.wav) (.mp3)

mix of high shakers, metal bars and meshes, ends w/ USGS quake sample

31-Dec-05 --c-- (.wav) (.mp3)

pseudo-quakes with wind noise

31-Dec-05 --d-- (.wav) (.mp3)

unison breath, low

31-Dec-05 --e-- (.wav) (.mp3)

light fault zone friction, buzzing

31-Dec-05 --f-- (.wav) (.mp3)

heavy fault zone friction, sticking and slipping (long)

28-Dec-05 [true tempo and rhythm from one dimension] (.wav) (.mp3)

short metallic taps at smoothed inflection points from one dimension

**IMPORTANT** this one indicates seismic "flow" is Andante, lazy, and that's the baseline, kind of a slow ballad, other sections and articulations can contrast against it (12)

28-Dec-05 [zipper tune w/ accents and lumpy rhythm] (.wav) (.mp3)

zippers from data rate banging on short metallic meshes, pitches from short length shifts (11)

27-Dec-05 [crazy duo, good with sparse but rhythmic events] (.wav) (.mp3)

XYZ data direct to octave bowed strings, low -- 2 1/2 mins worth (10)

27-Dec-05 [floating, buzzing, section A, to go with voices] (.wav) (.mp3)

fixed up 30min dataset, 3D modulation of bow force, position, low pitch (9)

23-Dec-05 [inflected ostinato] (.wav) (.mp3)

data rapidly thumping a modal bar, new 30min dataset (7)

22-Dec-05 [low stuff] (.wav) (.mp3)

slowed down data as soundfile (with reverb) made from ED.txt

21-Dec-05 [section A] (.wav) (.mp3)

2 synth voices + celletto, from ED.txt + ND.txt