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Primer Coloquio Internaciaonal: Espacio-Inmersividad
Tec de Monterrey

Chris Chafe

Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Stanford University

Sonification examples from collaborations with

Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Economists

Les Cottrell
Chris Field
Mariana Leguia
Josef Parvizi
Philippe Tortel, Garry Clarke
Barnett Sherman
and my creative alter ego, Greg Niemeyer, since the beginning
(plus many others)

snd /home/cc/git-deck/deck.js/sonify/playFromJack/hh8.wav

Tomato Music
a "musification" of gases from ripening tomatoes

10 days of CO2 and ethylene compressed into 10 minutes
Machine Project Gallery LA (2007)

Stanford Artifical Intelligence Laboratory (CCRMA 1979)

composing with algorithms at CCRMA

Towers of Hanoi
Andy Schloss

(an early example of sonification)

Sonification of time series data

Knoll Building (CCRMA today)
CO2 = 400 ppm

Knoll Building (100 years ago)
CO2 = 300 ppm

drilling ice cores in Antarctica

visit IceCoreWalk.org

download the audio

hook up headphones and

take a 35 minute walk

800,000 years at three rates of "time zoom"

sonification of real-time flows

"Ping" -- network traffic -- SFMOMA (2001)

Oxygen Flute (2002)

CO2 exhange between bamboo and gallery visitors
San Jose Museum of Art (2002)

sonification of medical data

brain waves

Ceribell, Inc.
Brain Stethoscope

sonification for remote sensing

fracking example

sonifications of space and structures

multichannel Plasmid

snd /home/cc/git-deck/deck.js/sonify/playFromJack/orbitRev/orbit.wav

Reza Shajarian exploring Hagia Sofia model

created with balloon pop

DNA chromatogram looks a lot like

a room impulse from a baloon pop

let's explore 6 different plasmids using a synthetic, acoustically dry salsa track

exploring correlation by ear

overlay of CO2 and GDP

alternate voicings

unemployment graphed

hook that into a "table saw" synthesis with

motor speed from GDP

animating with sound and graphics

used for gas level field data shown at


multichannel Gnosisong

mplayer -ao jack -channels 8 /home/cc/pal/mp4/PAL8ch.mp4

online binaural versions of the 3 multichannel pieces played on the auditorium system for this talk:




this slide deck available at