People's Music Network
Jan, 2021
Verband Deutscher Tonmeister
Feb, 2021
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
Stanford University

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JackTrip Roadmap a Year Ago -- pre-COVID-19
(Nov 2019 to Feb 2020)
  • NowNetArts conference lab ensemble with hub mode
    Berlin / Ghent / NY / Stanford (Nov, 2019)
  • hub mode gets hubPatch added
  • 10-member Raspberry Pi ensemble, Berlin
  • Hub Mode Concert at Silent Green, Berlin (5 Feb, 2020)

JackTrip Roadmap -- COVID-19
(Mar 2020 to Feb 2021)
  • cloud-based hub servers
  • metro regions ultra-low-latency (1000 km / 600 mi)
  • solution for lessons, rehearsal, ensembles
  • large ensembles with 80 singers / instrumentalists
  • JackTrip release v1.3 (Jan, 2021)

session 1 -- intro -- 6-Apr-2020
This course inaugurates the Internet Ensemble Tech Force which is needed urgently worldwide and locally to support music ensembles going online. Calling it urgent is not an exaggeration and we can provide a valuable service. Course participants will quickly come up to speed on low-latency audio collaboration technology and will then pair with ensembles interested in using it.

153b participants will work from home and be able to use CCRMA facilities remotely. The course can be audited or coordinated with another course. Let's help make group playing possible during this public health challenge and period of 'musical distancing.' Ensemble rehearsals, coaching and concert broadcasting are planned in conjunction with several local ensembles.

Panglobal to pandemic
as driver of innovation
(musical and technical)

A phenomenal uptick in different musical uses, code contributions and new versions

Sphere of interoperability: Hub Servers
  • "always on" physical servers
    (scripted command line operation)
    • 20 desktops running 24/7 at CCRMA
    • 6 diagnostic test servers
    • testing a Raspberry Pi (as new hub server)

20 desktops in the building running JackTrip hub servers 24/7

Sphere of interoperability: Hub Servers
  • "always on" physical servers
    (scripted command line operation)
    • 20 desktops running 24/7 at CCRMA
    • 6 diagnostic test servers
    • testing a Raspberry Pi (as new hub server)
  • "on demand" cloud-based servers
    (Web-based GUI operation)
    • Musicians Together Apart
    • Virtual Studio Web App

Virtual Studio Servers (web app)

Virtual Studio Server parameters

Sphere of interoperability: Clients
  • command line operation
  • GUI applications

    Qjackctl with jacktrip script option enabled
  • GUI + Raspberry Pi

    Sprawl (built-in touchscreen)
    JackStreamer (browser at Pi's wifi access point)
    Virtual Studio Device (web service)
    Embedded systems

Qjackctl & Qjacktrip interfaces (JACK & JackTrip)

session connected to hub server

JackStreamer interface served up from Raspberry Pi WiFi access point

Box32 DJ system based on Raspberry Pi

Sphere of interoperability: Other systems
  • compatible (but untested, yet)

    Quacktrip (Pd and Max/MSP)
    other Raspberry Pi projects
  • not compatible (but could be)


JackTrip-WebRTC uncompressed audio 128FPP, up to 3 clients

2020 Scientific studies
  • Mathematical models of rhythm syncronization and anticipation

    Iran Roman
    CCRMA / Stanford dissertation (Aug, 2020)
  • Synchronization of complex human networks

    Shir Shahal, Ateret Wurzberg, Inbar Sibony, Hamootal Duadi, Elad Shniderman, Daniel Weymouth, Nir Davidson, Moti Fridman
    Nature Communications (Aug, 2020)

Recent engineering improvements
  • Digital signal processing (limiters, etc.)
  • Multiple buffer sizes
  • New jitter buffer strategies
  • Adaptive queue length
  • Stream security
  • Ensemble mixing, panning, reverb
  • Persistent rehearsal setups (re-connect to room on reboot)

Engineering improvements underway
  • Packet loss concealment
  • Sample clock syncronization

Round-trip audio latency and lost packets (home to hub server and back)

Zoomed in -- Packet loss concealment using Burg auto-regression modeling

Clock skew eliminated by using GPS time for sample clock

Online rooms and auditoriums of the future
  • Binaural rooms
  • Illusory rooms
    • Haas Effect for self-monitoring
    • sympathetic strings
    • internet acoustics

Demo reel (13 min)
90 sec. excerpts
  • Quarantine Session #30
  • "Plucking the Internet" like a guitar string
  • 2003 combo 4000 km
  • 2004 triple connection
  • 2009 big band 3000 km
  • Beethoven Septet with Stanford Symph. Orch.
  • Tepfer, McBride duo Manhattan
  • Palestrina's Lamentations with improv
  • DJ's A2 & Zee, Chase Bankz