Networked Resources for Collaborative 

NRCI is a suite of Pd tools designed to facilitate laptop ensemble performance, and to foster a culture of group musicmaking which emphasizes custom software design and improvisational practice. NRCI provides a large library of abstractions with a highly consistent interface; these modules ease the challenge of instrument design for novice performers, and aid in rapid development and live coding for advanced users. NRCI also implements a network protocol (based on Open Sound Control) which provides for the wireless exchange of control data and messaging around a group of performers in both improvisational and prestructured situations. NRCI is developed by Christopher Burns and Greg Surges with assistance from the members of the Milwaukee Laptop Orchestra (MiLO), and is freely available.

Software downloads:

NRCI: release 06
for Mac OS X/Intel
for Mac OS X/PPC
(additional platform support coming soon)
- requires Pd-extended 0.40.3 or later
- requires that the "mrpeach" library is loaded into Pd-extended on startup; go to Preferences/Startup and click "New..." to add mrpeach if it is not loading by default

Processing implementation of the NRCI network protocol: NRCI_processing release 02
(cross-platform; compatible with NRCI release 06)
- requires Processing


NRCI documentation: getting started with Pd and NRCI

NRCI network protocol specification: release 06 spec

Papers about NRCI:

Burns, C., and Surges, G. 2008. "NRCI: Software Tools for Laptop Ensemble." Proceedings, International Computer Music Conference 2008. PDF

Surges, G., and Burns, C. 2008. "Networking Infrastructure for Collaborative Laptop Improvisation." Proceedings, SPARK Festival 2008. PDF

MiLO in performance with NRCI:

Kenilworth Square East Open House, Milwaukee, WI 04.18.2008

Passport to the Arts, Kenilworth Square East, Milwaukee, WI 03.08.2008

Electro-Acoustic Music Center concert, UWM Fine Arts Recital Hall, Milwaukee, WI 02.07.2008

MiLO concert, UWM Fine Arts Recital Hall, Milwaukee, WI 12.06.2007