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WEEK 8 - Rehearsal

Jasper Ridge Rehearsal #1 May 22, 2018

By Friday, I fixed the arm and replaced the control which were broken from last perfromance at Jasper Ridge. I added another sound feature to the original interface. It dominated the most of the soundscape of the initial interface. Now, it is mostly a pluck-only string instrument which fit to the mysterious nature of the story in the second act and provided a steady ostinato figure while playing with Chris and Yuval in the first act. On Friday, we had the chance to play toghether. It was nice to be able to see the acts and how dancers were performing.

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Open House

WEEK 7 - Jasper Ridge Open House

Jasper Ridge Open House and Performance May 15, 2018

On May 12, Chris and I played during the performance in Jasper Ridge Open House. Unfortunately, our speakers were so quiet that no body could hear us, including the dancers waiting for our sound signl to finish the performance. The main reason was that the amplifier were not enough to be audible in the open space. The other problem was the background noise. Becasue it was open house, there was a big crowd.

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WEEK 6 - Preparing for Jasper Ridge Visit

Jasper Ridge Visit and Sound Check, May 8, 2018

I'll be joining Bonnie on Saturday's (May 12) Jasper Open House. The dancers will be performing while Bonnie is narrating. It seems like in that schedule I will have some time to test my speakers. It is also a good oppurtunity to see if my instrument, the sound and even its timbre fit to the theme of perfromance. In the meanwhile, I have been focusing on a new algorithm for the controller to add plucking technique.

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WEEK 5 - Jam Session

Jam Session Rehersal #1, May 1, 2018

Bonnie recently shared the details of the Liriope perfromance. There are a couple of rehearsals starting from this week in Jasper. May 12 and/or May 15 seem like reasonable dates. I would love to see the area, test the speakers audibility, and battery duration. This week, we will hold a jam session with Chris during the class time. While I was trying to add additional gain control over the banded waveguide synthesis section, the hand control got broken. Hopefully, it is a controller-ChucK communication problem. Before the rehearsals, there are couple more updates ...

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3D Design, April 24, 2018

Autodesk Fusion 3D is a 3D CAD,CAM, and CAE software which fully supports parametric modelling. In this design, we do not necessarily need to use parametric modelling. Still, it is an easy-to-learn tool, free for student.

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Speaker Research , April 17, 2018

There are several instruments which implemented or used hemispherical loudspeakers. Dan Trueman and Perry Cook developed an instrument with hemispherical loudspeaker named BOSSA in 90s. After BOSSA, the speakers were used in PLOrk (Princton Laptop Orchestra) performances and have been used in SLOrk (Stanford Laptop Orchestra).

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Setting end goals and literature research , April 10, 2018

Advancing the existing instrument involves improve the box and arm condition with stronger and durable materials. As a part of the project, the

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250A Final Project, April 3, 2018

My current 220C project is an extention of my 250A final project. I would like to improve my previous project to make it as much self-sufficient as possible. The instrument combines the concept of a traditional string instrument with a wearable musical instrument. While four strings of the instrument provide string plucking sounds, nonlinear reverberation filter offers more abstract soundscape. The motivation behind the interface is to explore the expressive body motion-music relationship in a string based instrument body.

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Important Dates

  • May 12        -   Jasper open house
  • May 15        -   Rehearsal at Jasper
  • May 18        -   Videography
  • May 30&31 -   Performance

To Dos

Short term goals:

  • Laser cut a bigger box.
  • Include speaker -possibly spekeakers with bluetooth connection.
  • External battery supply.
  • Jamming practice
  • Liriope Performance

Long term goals:

  • Design and manifacture wooden box with embedded speakers.
  • Wireless module of the controller.