My ironically high-pitched monologue comes from the emotionally-charged 1992 patriot-esque film "A Few Good Men." In this selected reading, Colonel Jessup (played by Jack Nicholson) defends his actions in war to his fellow colleague. I used Audacity's "pitch shift" effect on my recorded voice to contrast the harsh exclamations made by the colonel. I additionally implemented a violin-based backing sound effect to add to the emotional invocation. I then added a slight reverb effect and a swingin phaser in Audacity. To go along with the other backing sound effects, I continued to download and activate the recording of a dining hall and a recording of a sunny spring day and applied the same "shift pitch" effect and added a medium dose of reverb.

Binaural Stereo Final Product: Binaural Stereo .wav File

Original .wav files from 4-Channel Recording: MonologueRF.wav DininghallRR.wav ViolinLR.wav Wilderness.wav

ChucK 4-channel player: 4-channel

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